Meet The Pastor

Pastor john garvey

I was born on Staten Island New York were I lived until age one. We then moved to Hudson NY. At the age of five I was placed in the foster system. I spent most of my life in and out of the system eventually at the age of nine landing in Clewiston, FL. I would live with the Devane/Allen family on and off until I turned fifteen. 

At age seventeen when I started living basically on my own I decided the army would probably be my best bet. While in the army I finished high school and achieved an associates degree from Central Texas College.  I served 20 years in the Army as a weapons maintenance specialist and Calvary scout. I retired from the army in 1992 in Aberdeen proving grounds Maryland. 

After a couple of months we decided to move back to Florida. I worked for a very short time with the Lee county Sheriff's office, but it was not the military style life I was looking for. Being disappointed I decided to enter the concrete industry as a truck driver. I moved quickly through the ranks of the concrete industry and left after achieving the position of Quality control manager/ mix design technician. 

I Joined the FDOT about 14 years ago where I work as a concrete production specialist and an Independent Assurance inspector of concrete roadway structures.